Selecting the right smart TV for your home: What you need to know

No matter which part of the world you live in, what you can get from having a smart TV today makes it almost a must-have for every home. From the traditional use of watching your news and music channels to advanced features such as browsing the internet, mirroring your mobile phone, and attending online classes, the evolution of TV has been robust.

Latest display technologies such as Mini LED and QLED and high-end resolutions make the use of Smart TV more compelling for activities such as watching movies and playing games that we are used to doing on computers and mobile phones. The availability of a wide range of screen sizes and device compatibility makes it even a superior alternative to projectors in meeting rooms and offices.

Be it for home or office use, if you’re a resident of the UAE, the number of options you have when getting your smart or LED TV in an online store or a physical store can be so much that you often feel confused and exhausted looking for the right one. So how do you make sure you make the correct long-term decision? What factors do you have to consider when looking for your perfect Smart TV?

Selecting your TV size

Since long ago, TV sizes were selected based on the space available in the room and the budget. Even though the same practice continues, today, some added concerns are the distance to comfortably view the screen and how immersive you need the experience to be, and also the type of content you’re planning to watch.

With the introduction of Smart TVs, different types of screen types and resolutions are available to maximize the TV experience, such as HD, FHD, 4K UHD, and 8K UHD (these will be discussed in detail later in the article) you need to be more focused on selecting the right TV size to go hand in hand with the experience.

With today’s high-resolution TVs, you can sit close to the screen and yet not see any pixelation (the tiny dots you see on the screen usually when you get very close). But this can impact your eyes and cause certain strains and headaches. The universally accepted simple calculation to decide the size of the TV screen is,

Recommended minimum TV size = Distance from the TV / 2

That way, if you sit 8 feet (96 inches) from the TV, the size of the screen should be more than 48 inches.

But keep in mind that the number of people in the room can affect your experience too. Usually, if the room is crowded, you will need at least a 40-inch screen if you sit at a distance of 6 feet. And 60 -inches if the distance is 9 feet. (Tip: wall-mounting the TV gives you more space to play with).

But remember that these numbers are only to determine the minimum sizes. The fondly followed rule is “larger the screen, the better the experience!”. So if your budget permits, might as well grab that big screen.

Selecting the right screen resolution

Screen resolution stands for the number of pixels on the screen. More the pixels, the sharper the images are. TV resolutions can vary between HD (High Definition), 4K UHD, and 8K UHD.

HD comes on less expensive TVs while 8K UHD screens can be extremely expensive. For this reason, people wanting a great and comfortable experience are moving to 4K UHD screens. With more than 4 times the pixels of a standard HD screen, 4k screens provide the highest value for money as their pixels are so tightly packed and users cannot tell the difference between 4K and 8K when seen on average-sized screens (45-65 inches).

The other reason for 4K to be a go-to screen resolution is that most web content is now optimized to 4K resolution, making it a great experience to watch any type of content.

The screen technology

The quality of a TV is defined by how crisp the colors are and how dark the blacks are (we will explain why). You may have come across many techy names like LCD TV, Mini LED TV, and QLED TV just to name a few. You probably wonder what difference they make. Here is a brief on what they mean.


LED TVs work with a continuously lit backlight panel providing the diodes with the needed light to function. For this reason, the screen does not get fully “blacked” and may show a slight gray instead.

Local Dimming

Local dimming is when the backlight panel of the TV is made up of a collection of smaller light panels that functions separately. This enables the TV to switch off certain panels on the darker sides of the screen to enhance the darkness better.


Known as Quantum Dot LED, this new screen technology uses semiconductors known as quantum dots to enhance color.

Mini LED

This is one of the groundbreaking technologies where a large number of small LED lights (as the name suggests) function in the backlight making it possible for screens to darken smaller parts of the screen much more accurately than their predecessors. It is always recommendable for a user to purchase TVs with QLED or Mini LED technology for the best value for money.

Screen refresh rate

The refresh rate is the number of times a picture is refreshed on a screen. This is measured in Hertz (Hz) and shows how “smooth” the TV is. 60Hz is an industry-standard but the higher it is, the better your experience will be. The recommended refresh rate is 60 or 120 Hz for a comfortable and smooth motion in movies and games.

App integration in smart TVs

Today, the best kind of TVs are the smart ones. The ability to integrate other devices and apps with the TV gives better use and purpose and usability. Smart TVs come with built-in applications that can be accessed such as Netflix, Google Play, and Youtube.   You can find Smart TVs that integrate into many of your favorite apps. Make use of these abilities to get the best out of our Smart TV experience! Android Smart TVs are popular smart TVs as they allow convenient integration between most applications and streaming services.

And finally the cost

Going for a TV that gives the best features for your budget is important. Look for the right value and compare and contrast products and technologies before you make your decision. Always ensure you consider all factors before you purchase your Smart TV as it has to last at least a few years before you need to upgrade or change.

Evvoli smart TVs come with the highest quality and the most diverse range of options making it the best choice for Smart TVs in the UAE. Ranging from HD to 4K UHD resolutions, and 19 inches to 86 inches of screensize, Evvoli TVs offer the prefect fit for any home!

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