Clean your dishes without wasting time or water

The supersmart dishwasher of Evvoli washes your dishes to stand out. The Dualwash technology puts a shine on even the dirtiest dishes in one single wash. With the Heated Dry mode, the device removes all the microscopic leftovers and gives you a fragrant feeling of sanitation. Evvoli’s dishwasher cares about the longevity of your dishes and is tender with the environment through using less water than manual wash. If, for mother earth, you have green wishes, let Evvoli Do the dishes.

Comfort at Your Service

This is a great concern for many people to wash up the dishes by hands after a big family meal. Owning a modern dishwasher means your glasses and dishes can be washed more hygienically and is a great way of helping you to not only save time but water and energy too. Evvoli is there to provide you with a full-size model dishwasher to bring ease to you and your family in your everyday needs.

Save Water and Energy​

As humans, we crave for water that’s at the right temperature. In summer, we prefer cool or cold water, and in winter, we prefer warm or hot water. Most people respond by keeping bottles of chilled water in the fridge or using a kettle to heat up water. But replacing bottles in the fridge or using the kettle every time you want hot water can be a tedious task, especially when no one else is to do it. Evvoli water dispenser is there to give you the ideal automatic solution to get water that’s at the right temperature almost instantly.

A Full-size Dishwasher

As the most regular type of dishwasher, a freestanding full size model is ideal for anyone’s everyday dishwashing needs. Whether you have a big family and need to wash more in one go, or you have a smaller family that entertains regularly, a full-size dishwasher offers the ultimate in time-saving and dishwashing flexibility. Evvoli dishwater comes in place setting capacities of 15, which means you’ll be able to wash up to 173 items in one go, saving you time and effort.